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February Maryland Mufon

Dear Maryland MUFON Friends and Members, Please join us for our regular monthly meeting on February 29th, beginning at Noon, at the
American Legion Hall #7, 1905 Crownsville Rd., Annapolis, MD 21401.
We will have two special guests...

Fran Ridge

Fran Ridge will be talking to us about MADAR (Multiple Anomaly Detection & Automated Recording system), the only civilian UAP detection system to be deployed worldwide...and it WORKS. Fran will be explaining the technology and letting us in on some cases that are lock solid UAPs.

MADAR site

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD., will be presenting on her groundbreaking work on Exoconsciousness Rebecca is a leading expert in cosmic consciousness and extraterrestrial contact. She has a new book coming out soon and promised to give us a preview of her latest research. It should be noted that Rebecca worked with Astronaut and 6th person to walk on the moon, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, and we can't wait to ask her about their paradigm-shifting work.


As well as...

          We will also present an annual wrap-up discussing 2019 Maryland sighting statistics and other analysis from the MUFON database, a survey will be distributed asking for your thoughts on future meetings, a presentation will be made on the U.S. Space Force logo (wait until you see what we found. It goes way beyond its similarity with the Star Trek Federation log) and many other items of interest.
               At the last meeting we discussed members presenting their own UFO experiences with the group, however no one has contacted me to do so. If you have a compelling story of UFO sighting, abduction, or other related experience, please contact me at the information below to get your presentation on the agenda.
           Finally, if you are not a member of MUFON we respectfully ask you to support the important work of the organization by joining. It's easy to sign-up, with memberships starting as low as $5.98 per month! Many people think MUFON is a large organization with a big budget but in fact MUFON is a small non-profit almost entirely run by volunteers. MUFON survives solely on memberships and donations so I'm making a heartfelt and necessary appeal for everyone to help our important work by becoming card-carrying members. Please join at You'll see the benefits of joining at certain levels, including how to receive the essential MUFON Journal - worth the price of membership all on its own.
    This should be a really interesting meeting and we look forward to seeing EVERYONE there!
Just a gentle reminder to please bring cash for lunch and our 50/50 raffle.
By supporting the kitchen and the raffle we can continue to use the American Legion Hall for free and avoid having to charge admission to our meetings.
Looking forward to hearing our guest speakers and meeting with all of you again.
Keep your eyes on the skies!
Marc D. Gershuny
Maryland MUFON State Director